I write code.

Howdy. My name is Kat.

I'm usually @katpadi online. I do a lot of stuff using my computer. I like building things (and breaking them!), like this site. Some things that I have worked (or have been working) on are here (you can also check Dragon(x)Starbucks: The Coffee Slayer and heartbreaker if you want more crap).

BTW, I'm a huge fan of the Lakers and Kobe Bryant! In fact, I was willing to give Kobe my Achilles tendon when he went down on 2013 but I can't reach him.

Uhmmm, what else? I've been into drones for quite some time now— check these videos out. My progress as a drone flyer has been rather slow. As a Funko Pop! collector, however, it's a totally different story. Contact me if you've got exclusives or something.

For more coding adventures & weird thoughts, click here: katpadi's point.